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Founded in 1968, Tri Ocean originated as production of various Polyester Textured Yarn. Now Tri Ocean is one of the Leading Polypropylene Filament Yarns and Fabric Production Company in the World. For the past four decades. Tri Ocean upholds customers on dedication, being steady and dependable in quality, continuous improvement, and nurture talent. After several expansion plans and product diversification in the continued efforts of all of our colleagues within the company, Tri Ocean has laid a solid foundation for Taiwan’s Textile Industry.


Tri Ocean Textile aims to bring the highest of quality and innovation in our products, through resource conservation, reduced environmental impact, creating a low resource consumption and lower emissions of water, in order to give our customers an environmental friendly, yet competitive advantage through superior products and value. We thrive to be the world’s leading textile industry.


Our vision is to continuously advance in higher technology, newer designs, product quality and environmental friendliness. Our customers deserve no less.

Environmental Policy

Policy: Aim to reduce energy consumption and maintain company’s operating under environment health and safety of all personnel. It is our consistent goal to make efforts to implement the environmental management system, to ensure that all aspects of the company’s negative impact on the environment is lowered down to a minimum. We hereby make the following commitments:

1. Have a clear understanding of the relevant environmental legislation and to confirm our company are in compliance with company regulatory minimum requirements and make improvements where feasible.
2. Through recognition policies regularly with the examination and supervision of the implementation and take the relevant remedial measures if the situation does not meet requirements.
3. To ensure that all employees in the course of their work behavior can meet the environmental policy and encourage our suppliers, outsourcings, plant and contractors together to join with the implementation of our company’s environmental policies.
4. The production process should top prioritize on non-polluting manufacturing technologies, control our waste at a minimum, reuse and recycle to reduce our energy consumption.
5. Encourage employees to participate in environmental activities to promote environmental awareness and participation in local community activities from time to time planning for local communities to make a positive environmental contribution.