Compensation Committee Operating Scenario

First, the Compensation Committee of the Company on December 29, 2011 was established, members count 3
Second, the current term of office of members: June 24, 2014 to June 23, 2017, as of December 13, 2016, has met five times (A), the members present situation is as follows:

Title Name The eligibility conditions are met The actual number of attendances (B) Principal Attendance The actual attendance rate % (B / A)
Convener Xiu-Yu Liao 2 4 1 80
Committee Kuei-Chi Lee (July 17, 2016, resigned) 1 4 0 80
Committee Wen-Hao Hsing 1 4 1 80
Committee Hsien-Tang Chiu (Auguest 11, 2016, took office) 1 1 0 20
The Eligibility Conditions are Met:

1) Required for business, legal, financial, accounting or business related major public and private institutions of more than lecturer.
2) Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, accountants or other countries, and the company’s business required exam passes licensed specialized vocational and technical personnel certificates.
3) With work experience in the required business, legal, financial, accounting or business.