Eco-Friendly Purchase Policy

Goal: To reduce the use of unnecessary resources, from the initial product design, materials procurement, to finished products shipped. Cooperate with suppliers to achieve low power consumption, low-carbon, high -quality consumer and meet environmental protection policies.

A. use environmentally-friendly materials to implement the green concept
1. Selection of the list within the bluesign® blueguide raw material suppliers and chemical suppliers.
2. Cooperation and advocacy supplier of packaging materials for recycling. For example: cartons, paper tubes and packaging and so on.
3. Use environmentally-friendly energy-saving equipment.

B. Supplier evaluation
With the company’s green procurement policies, from time to time supplier evaluation, evaluation will be included in the scope of environmental regulations , the company’s environmental policy advocacy, the proposed construction of energy-saving and environmental protection vendor process , the overall supply chain integration to provide customers the products more environmentally friendly.

C. the optimal transportation scheduling, and reduce carbon emissions
Local procurement as a priority, focus reduce the number of shipped orders to reduce the number and distance of carbon emissions.