Job Title Name Education/Experience Hold A Concurrent Post
General Manager Mr. Jammy Huang President, Toray Co., Ltd.
Director, Taiwan Man-Made Fiber Co., Ltd.
Director, Wan Chia Co., Ltd.
President, Evalon Textile Co., Ltd.
President, SanLong Investment Co., Ltd.、
President, Tri Ocean Textile (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Textile I Dept. Associate Mr. Roger Chang Bachelor of Textile, Feng Chia University.
Section Manager,I-HWA Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manager, TungZong Textile Co., Ltd.
Yarn Dept. Associate Mr. Peter Huang Bachelor of International Business, TungHai University.
Section Manager,Metaltech Industrial Co., Ltd.
Finance Dept. Manager Ms. Ann Lin Bachelor of Department of Business Administration,
China University of Technology,
Finance Manager, Tul Corporation.
Senior Assistant Manager, Lipers Enterprise Co., Ltd..